Everybody's Got Their Hand Out for Money!

We Hate LA

All Over Orange County Property Managers are "Digging Up" "Removing" or "Blocking Off" Free and Open Self Parking Spaces Reserving or Converting them for Valet or Pay to Park and Jamming In More Box Style Buildings with Stores and Restaurants with "No New Parking".

Fewer Self Parking Spaces Forces People Into Paying to Park or Paying to Valet Park. This then Creates a Highly "Competitive" "Crowded" and "Dangerous" Situation In Which Drivers "Fight" for Free Self Parking Spaces. There's No Such Thing as Complimentary Valet Parking.

The Best Way to Kill This is to Never Ever "Pay or Tip" to Park "Anywhere".

Tell Your Favorite Restaurant or Mall that You Prefer to Park Your Own Car and "Are Not" Going to Pay or Tip "Ever".

Then Go Somewhere Else for Dinner or Go Shopping at "Amazon" and Watch for Changes.

Millionaires and Billionaires Never Pay or Tip to Park and Never Attend Overpriced Restaurants "Respecting Money" is How They Got Rich and You Can Too!

It's Not Green to Valet Park - So Please Don't.

Compared to Just Pulling In - and Self Parking Your Car for Free and Shutting Off the Engine - the Valet Parking Guy Driving Your Car Around in Circles - Causes the Production of Additional Greenhouse Gases and Other Pollutants and Contributes to Global Warming and Other Undesirable Climate Change.

Always Remain Calm While Parking. If there is an "Aggressor" Let them have the Parking Space "Never" "Hand Gesture" "Shout" "Waive" or Even Make "Eye Contact". If Necessary Stay Inside Your Locked Vehicle and Call 911.

If You've been Involved in a "Parking lot Rage" Incident "Injured or Not" - or - Feel that You've been "Hustled" or "Stalked" by "Parking Attendants" - or "Defrauded" by Unscrupulous "Parking Garage Operators" with Unrealistic "Bait and Switch" "Time Restrictions"  - Get a Police Report - Take Photos - and Have Your Lawyer contact the Property Manager - the City -  and or the Attorney General.

Under Parking a Shopping Center or Public Place is Dangerous and Immoral!

These Property Managers and Valet Companies Know Exactly what They're Doing and "Can't Escape Liability".

If You're a "Mall Store" or "Retail Center" "Business Operator" and Your Property Manager has "Removed" or "Diminished" "Ample Customer Parking" - You Should Check Your "Lease Agreement" and "Contact" Your "Business Neighbor" and "Your Attorney" - Right Away.

Always be a "Safe and Courteous Driver" "Always Park Legally" "Always Obey All Traffic and Safety Laws".

What Do You HATE About LA - High Rises - Traffic - Potholes - Corruption - Sales Taxes - Pay to Poop - Tip to Poop - Tip for Take-Out - The Olympics - Special Events - Charities - It's For The Kids - The Lakers - The Dodgers - Staples Center - LA Live - Celebrity Chefs - Car Chases - Shootings -  Beggars - Naked Homeless People - Kids - Taste - Film Festivals - Music Festivals - Schools - Tower Climbers - Naked Tower Climbers - We Hate It All - and Jimmy Kimmel - We Hate You Too!

We Hate LA


Please - Never Ever - Pay or Tip - To Park!

Kill the Cone Heads - When You "Don't Pay" - the Valet Parking Guy Goes Away" - Stiffing Someone - and Saving the Money - Used to be "Old School" - Now it's the "New Cool".

When You Push the "No Tip" Button or Draw an X through the Tip Line on the Receipt - You'll Feel Empowered -  You'll Want to Do It - Over and Over Again and Watch Your Savings Grow.

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